In 1993 we adopted our first basset hound, his name was Sloppey, since that day our hearts as a family have belonged to basset hounds.  Sloppey lived a very long life 16 years.... full of love, he gave us as much love and happiness as we gave him.  He schooled us very well on basset hound shenanigans for 16 years....  Sloppey grew up with 2 human sisters that loved him so much and he absolutely adored them... even when they would dress him up in whatever clothing could fit him.  Sloppey was loved by everyone-friends and family, he did not know a stranger.  Sloppey loved when the girls would have friends over, that meant he could play limbo  and his favorite game of tag.... it also meant he would get tons of attention, and increasing his odds of sneaking more human food.  Over the past 25 years we have rescued many basset hounds.  People in our community came to know us as the family that would take in homeless basset hounds, and we did this for 23 years before becoming an organization.  Over the years we were able to find many basset hounds amazing loving families and homes.   It was in our 23rd year of rescuing basset hounds  that we had so many  basset hounds come to us so sick and in such horrible conditions that we decided to become a licensed non-profit 501(c)3 basset hound rescue.   It was the 23rd year we knew we needed to do more so we could continue to help basset hounds in need of rescue.   


Our mission is to rescue and improve the lives of homeless basset hounds or those basset hounds in need of owner surrender.  We do this by providing the basset hounds with love and emotional support, medical care, food, shelter and safety amongst many other things.  Our goal is to try to improve their physical and emotional health and find each basset hound a forever loving family and home.  We have an application process to adopt a basset hound, during this process we try to find the best fit for each basset hound and family.  For more information on adopting a basset hound pleae see our adoption tab on our website. 


Please try not to negatively pass judgement on an owner surrender, take a moment to try to think about the fact that life sometimes forces us to make hard decisions.  For example; a family suffers a job loss and has to move, the new home does not allow pets.  The family loves their basset hound but has been forced to make a difficult decision.  When a family turns to a rescue for owner surrender in our eyes and hearts they are reaching out to do what is best for their basset hound and their family and we respect that.    

Many of our rescues come to us neglected, abused, abandoned/dumped and come with significant medical needs as many have never had any medical care.  Most of our hounds come to us with many physical and emotional problems.  Many basset hounds come to us with no history of any medical vet care.   Each basset hound that comes to Ohana Basset Hound Rescue  is vetted, what each hound needs depends on the basset hound's condition and history of vet care or history of no vet care, this can be very expensive.  We have had basset hound's expenses be anywhere from $150.00 up to $3000.00.   Vet and daily care expenses vary for each basset hound depending on their needs.  Some of our basset hounds are on medications and or have special diets or medical needs. 


Ohana Basset Hound Rescue is run solely by volunteers.  What that means is no one at Ohana Basset Hound Rescue is paid. This is why our volunteers and fundraising are critical for Ohana Basset Hound Rescue to provide and care for the basset hounds.  All donations and money raised does go toward caring for the basset hounds at Ohana Basset Hound Rescue.   


If you would like to become a volunteer or donate to help our basset hounds please see our other tabs on our website to learn more.  We greatly appreciate any and all support.  

The basset hound's nose is 2nd to the blood hound and they tend to be misunderstood.  Many adopt a basset hound thinking they will be a lazy hound like you see on television, in reality they are a normal active dog especially in their youth.  If you are thinking about adopting a basset hound please become educated prior to adopting.  Please contact us if you have any questions about basset hounds that we can help you with, if we do not know the answer we will do our best to guide you in the right directions to find that answer.  Please see our contact us page to send us a message.  

Ohana Basset Hound Rescue is a non-profit charitable organization 501 (c)(3).  Donations to our rescue can be claimed on your taxes as a charitable donation, please discuss this with your tax preparer.  The Hounds at Ohana Basset Hound Rescue THANK YOU for your support, as your donation helps them with their everyday needs such as food and their vet care expenses.


If you would like to make a donation please go to our home tab and click on the Donate button.  Our Donate button is provided by Paypal secure and you can use it for Paypal or other debit/credit cards.  

To find out other ways to help the hounds please check out our other tabs on our website such as the Events, Volunteer, Adoption, Wish List/Donation Information, Shop To Support The Hounds and our Links That Help Support The Hounds 

The Hounds would like to Thank You for your support with many barks, howls and drool.  


 If you are interested in volunteering please see the Volunteer tab for the many ways you can volunteer, you can also send us a message on our Contact Us Page or email us @